Which language to choose for android development in 2019? java vs kotlin vs dart(flutter) vs js(React Native) comparison !

java vs kotlin vs flutter vs react native
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This topic is one of the hottest topic right now in android development community. When it comes to android app development the first language that pop ups on head is Java.

In today’s scenario there are many ways to develop android apps. There is native way like java/kotlin and there are cross-platform ways like using React Native framework and flutter framework which is backed up by Google.

There’s many factors that comes into consideration before choosing a platform like app performance, speed and how efficient it is to build. Its obvious that native apps are much faster.

Here’s the simple test examining performance difference between Native, Flutter, and React Native mobile development.

Also check app size comparison test.

Java has been ruling android development for a long time.If you have been coding for long time then you might be familiar with java. So its obvious that you might have built long relation with java and be skeptical about switching into another language.

Advantages of using java
  • It is highly secure.
  • Huge open source support with many libraries and tools.
  • Large community.
Why should you try kotlin?

Now that Android studio has officially announced kotlin as their official language and that’s for a reason. kotlin is derived from java and inherits its advantages and militates its limitations.

Kotlin is easy to learn and less error-prone than java. less code,less error , as simple as that.

That means less time consumption writing long lengthy code in java. It is obvious that it is likely to replace java in few years for android development. It also avoids Null pointer exception which is something java doesn’t.

Many big companies like pinterest,Uber,coursera has already been switched into kotlin.

Will Flutter be the next big thing?

The biggest selling point of Flutter is that once you develop an app it runs on both Android and iOS and flutter is backed by google.

It is too early to compare flutter with java/kotlin which are old and mature language. Flutter can definitely be the next big thing but it will take time.

Some of the key features that flutter provides are Hot reloading, the VSCode integration is absolutely the smoothest out of pretty much any webdev project.

Should you choose react native ?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is framework backed by Facebook.

Moto of the React Native is “Learn once, write everywhere”. It is designed to improve the efficiency of the developer and save time & money in development of the apps.

Android community quite doesn’t appreciate react.React Native’s two of the biggest advocate AirBnB and udacity abandoned their react native project.

Still you can look at this article on 7 Reasons Why Facebook’s React Native Is the Future of Hybrid App Development.

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