Best programming language to learn in Nepal 2019!

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If you are new to programming field, this post could be the best for you to get started with. Here I’ll be discussing about the programming language to learn and its scope in Nepal. The list is mainly based on the factors like scope,salary and how easy it is to learn. This post might help you to decide what product you want to build and what programming language you should pick for it.


Php is still one of the most demanded programming language in Nepal. In the world case scenario many might say it is a dying language but no its not. It is still relevant.It is a web based language ,heavily used for back-end purposes.

It is also good for freelance. You can get a lot of job offer from freelancing websites like up-work,freelance etc. WordPress was designed with php. you can develop different wordpress plugins through it. It is an old language so there are already many php developers out there so you have to bring up your good game to land a well paying job.


Java is one of the difficult language to master. Java is widely used in android development field. You do not necessarily have to have core knowledge of java for android but java itself has alot of features to offer. Java is also shifting towards machine learning so its good to go with java. Once you learn the basic you can move forward to use use different frameworks provided by java like spring,hibernate etc.


Swift is the programming language which is used for ios apps. So need to have apple product to use it which will make it little more expensive.In case of Nepal the market is over shadowed by android but still there are large number of people who uses apple product so market will grow eventually.

This language is similar to c++ and is derived from c family so if you’re familiar with c you’d have no problem learning it. There are only few swift programmer in Nepal so you’d have no problem getting a job once you are done with your own 2-3 projects.


JavaScript is currently dominating the IT field. It is widely being used in various field like app development , web development , back-end, machine learning and AI.New framework comes pretty often and it is doing a lot of things more than what it was designed for.

JavaScript is easy to learn, super popular at the moment. Node.js , React Native are new frameworks thats being hugely used in current days.You can also develop hybrid app through JavaScript.


No doubt python is the hottest programming language right now. It is super easy to learn. Everybody loves this language. You can do anything with python AI,Machine learning, web development, data science etc. This language is also being used in Quantum computing by using django framwork. Instagram, youtube, reddit, NASA are few company which implemented this language.

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