Hi I'm Santosh Acharya!

-It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop-

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~simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful~

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Santosh Acharya
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Hey,I'm Santosh Acharya

About Me

A skilled android developer with proven expertise in using new tools and technical developments to drive improvements throughout an entire software development lifecycle. Having extensive industry and full life cycle experience in an android based environment, along with exceptional analytical, design and problem-solving capabilities. Excellent communication skills and able to work alongside support teams and the community to define and refine new functionality

Key skills

  • Strong core Android development experience.
  • Good knowledge on C,C++
  • Strong java knowledge
  • python
  • Fundamental MySql knowledge
  • Ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems.
  • Quick learner

Career Objective

To work in an esteemed organization that provides an opportunity to learn through practical experience while contributing to the overall growth of the organization.

Technology i'm familiar with

-This is my style-

Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks

Be Crafty, Lovable, Systematic, and Relentless

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Read Every Day

Believe in Change

Invest in Ideas That Matter

Why should you start writing a blog?


  • This will make you a better writer
  • Improve rational thinking
  • Google loves blog,so you can earn extra money
  • Helps you with your goal setting¬†
  • Visitors can learn new things
  • Self promotion and new opportunities¬†

Some Inspirational quote to make your day better!

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